TheDepartment of Pharmacy is a comprehensive departmentwhichintegrates medical treatment, scientific research and teaching. It is based on pharmaceutical theory, centered on serving patients and aimed at ensuring the safety, economy, rationality of medication and maintaining public health. The pharmacy administration follows “MedicineAdministration Law of PRC”,insisting oninstitutionalizing, standardizing,andtransparentizing Medicinesupply, toprovide better pharmaceutical care for clinical and patients. Discipline construction develops comprehensively with the combination of modern pharmaceutical technology and scientific management. The departmenthas a perfect working system and mechanismand implementsstandardized management. It has formulated correspondingrules like“Hospital Pharmacy Management Work Specification”, “Pharmaceutical Department Post Responsibilities”, “Pharmacy Administration Standard Operating Procedure” and “Pharmaceutical Prescription Set”. There areseven staff members in this department,includingthree with intermediate title. According to the relevant regulations on pharmacy administration, there are westernmedicinestorehouse, anesthesia drugs and psychotropicmedicinestorehouse, dangerous cargo warehouse, cold storage, outpatient pharmacy and inpatient pharmacy in our hosptial.

Thedepartmentis responsible for the supply ofmedicines fortheentirehospital,participates in the joint medicinebidding andprocurementin Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, andpubliclypurchasesmedicines online through governmentmedicinepurchasing platform. The process is standardized, orderly, fair and open.In our hospital,counter-style drug delivery systemis adopted, whichincludesdispensing windows, counseling windows and waiting area.The department extensively develops clinical pharmacy care and provides best pharmacy care for patients and clinic.

Thedepartmentuses clinical rationalmedicinemonitoring software and antimicrobial drug monitoring software to monitor the use of medicines in the whole hospital, and manages themedicinesafety by themedicineadverse reaction reporting software system. The pharmacy actively advocates clinical pharmacists participate in word round and discussions of difficult cases. It is equipped with pharmacy reference books and major pharmacy periodicals, providing reliable, effective, novel, timely, advancedmedicine information to medical staff and patients.

The outpatient pharmacy has set up amedicinecounseling window to guide patients to usemedicinereasonably, andhasdevelopedpropaganda forintroduction, counseling and medical knowledge of new medicines. For inpatients in hospital, a safemedicine-dominated work mode with full intervention by clinical pharmacists is adopted to provide high-quality and safe intravenousmedicines to clinic and prevent medication errors andmedicine-contaminated environments form harming patients and medical staff.

TheDepartment of Pharmacy undertakes teaching and training tasks for new staffs and training students in the hospital. In recent years, it has published many papers in national and local journals. A good business learning atmosphere is formed in the department. The staffs are united and upward, with strong cohesion and good team spirit. The department promotes honesty in official duties,the spirits ofseeking truth from facts, serving patients, and rational medications.