Faculty of Stomatology of Zhejiang University School of Medicine was established in 1976, which comes down in the line of Zhejiang Medical University Faculty of Stomatology, one of the earliest stomatological faculties that confer doctoral degree. The faculty aims to cultivate leading stomatological talents and interdisciplinary talents with good morality, strong ability, and great innovation. The faculty continues to deepen teaching reforms, and is supported by the Graduate Innovation Project of Ministry of Education, the off-campus practice base of Ministry of Education, etc. With Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center and the National Medical Virtual Simulation Experimental Center, it is also an important cultivation base for high-level stomatological talents in China.

As the provincial center for dental service, education, training, research and oral prevention, the hospital has two National Key Clinical Specialties, one Provincial Key Specialty, one Provincial Key Supporting Specialty, and one Provincial Key Innovation Specialty. For the last five years, the faculty and the scientific research center of the hospital had completed more than a hundred national and provincial researching programs, published more than 100 SCI papers, received 13 awards for research findings and got 24 authorized patents.

Key Laboratory
Oral Biomedical Research of Zhejiang Province is the only key laboratory in the field of oral medicine established by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Provincial Committee of Development and Reform. It is founded to meet the demand of the regional development of oral medicine as well as the long-term developing strategy of the country. The laboratory serves as an infrastructure for fundamental research, application research and translational research. It facilitates the cross-interaction among oral medicine, material science and life science, allowing more innovative findings and outputs to be made. The leading team, comprised of Academician Zhang Zhiyuan, Professor Wang Huiming, Professor Fu Baiping, and Professor Xie Zhijian, will guide the key laboratory into a leading research and education center at home and abroad.