Xiaochen Liu


Associate Chief physician

Vice-Director of the Department of Prosthodontics of Chengxi Branch of ZJUDS

Committee member of Chinese Geriatrics Dentistry Society

Junior Committee member of Chinese Prosthodontics Society

Committee member of Zhejiang Province Prosthodontics Society



Studied and graduated from College of Stomatology, former Forth Military Medical University, Air Force Medical University

Visiting scholar, Faculty of Dentistry of National University of Singapore

Visiting scholar, School of Medicine of Yale University


Work and Research

-Expert in Functional esthetic restorations; Minimal-invasive restorations; Implant restorations; Full complete dentures; Oral rehabilitation

-Research interests in tissue engineering, bone regeneration and all ceramic materials



Liu X (刘啸晨)*, Tan G, Yu M, Cai X, Zhou Y, Ding H, Xie H, Qu F, Zhang R, Lam C, Cui P, Fu B. The Effect of Tumour Necrosis Factor-α on Periodontal Ligament Stem Cell Differentiation and the Related Signaling Pathways. Curr Stem Cell Res Ther. 2016;11(7):593-602.