Peihui Ding


Deputy Chief of Research & Education of ZJUSS

Associate Chief Physician

Youth fellow of Chinese Stomatological Association Division of Scientific Research Management

Youth fellow of Chinese Stomatological Association Division of Periodontology

Fellow of Stomatological Association division of Periodontology of Zhejiang Province

ITI Member, EFP Member, IADR Member, AAP Member



Visiting scholar, University of Florence, Italy (2016.4-2016.6)

PhD,  Faculty of Dentistry, University of HK (2008-2012) 

MDS, Faculty of Dentistry, ZJU  (2005-2008)

BDS,  Faculty of Dentistry, ZJU (2000-2005) 


Work and Research

-Work in the Department of Periodontology/ Research & Education of ZJUDS

-Clinical Interests in sequential therapy of periodontal disease and peri-implant disease, including regenerative surgery and mucogingival surgery.

-Research Interests in Innate immunity in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease, periodontal microbiology, and periodontal soft tissue regeneration


Selected Publications

1、Anna Dai, Jia-Ping Huang,Pei-hui Ding*, Li-Li Chen*. Long-term stability of root coverage procedures for single gingival recessions: A systematic review and meta-analysis, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, 2019, 46(5): 572-585.

2、Jia-Ping HuangJia-Mei LiuYan-Min WuLi-Li ChenPei-Hui Ding*. Efficacy of xenogeneic collagen matrix in the treatment of gingival recessions: a systematic review and meta-analysis, Oral Disease, 2019, 25(4):996-1008.

3、Peihui Ding, Cunyu Wang, Richard P. Darveau, Lijian Jin*, LPS-Binding Protein and its Interactions with P. gingivalis LPS Modulate Pro-inflammatory Response and Toll-like Receptor Signaling in Human Oral Keratinocytes,PLos one, 2017,12(4): e0173223.

4、Peihui Ding, Lijian Jin*,The role of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein in innate immunity: a revist and its relevance to oral/periodontal health, Journal of Periodontal Research, 2014, 49(1): 1-9

5、Peihui Ding, Cunyu Wang, Richard P. Darveau, Lijian Jin*, Nuclear factor-κB and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathways are critically involved in Porphyromonas gingivalis lipopolysaccharide induction of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein expression in human oral keratinocytes, Molecular Oral Microbiology, 2013, 28(2): 129-141

6、Peihui Ding, Cunyu Wang, Richard P. Darveau, Lijian Jin*, Porphyromonas gingivalisLPS stimulates the expression of LPS-binding protein in human oral keratinocytes in vitro, Innate Immunity, 2013, 19(1): 66-75

7、Jingyi Tan, Lihong Lei, Xiaotao Chen,Peihui Ding, Yanmin Wu, Lili Chen*, IL-17A promotes differentiation and calcification of murine preosteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells in an AKT2-dependent manner, Journal of Molecular Medicine Reports, 2017; 16(5): 5833-5840. 

8、Lili Chen, Lihong Lei,Peihui Ding, Qi Tang, Yanmin Wu*, Osteogenic effect of Drynariae rhizoma extracts and Naringin on MC3T3-E1 cells and an induced rat alveolar bone resorption model, Achives of Oral Biology, 2011, 56(12): 1655-1662